Window Tinting For Business Privacy

One of the main ethical concerns when running a business or interacting in a professional environment is privacy, both the privacy of customers or clients and the privacy of those within the organization. Lately privacy issues have been in the spotlight mainly with cyber attacks on websites and customer databases, recent popular victims include Target and Neiman Marcus. Privacy is just as important offline as on, and a clear view into a boardroom, office, filing room, or any area of a building where sensitive information is being handled can be a fatal error. With window film, this problem can be resolved while still allowing in natural light and providing an unobstructed view through outward facing windows.
When considering film application for privacy you have several options: regular dyed and ceramic films, reflective films, frosted films, patterned films, and textured films.
Ceramic and dyed films are traditional films with no reflectivity or design features and are available in a wide range of shades providing different amounts of visible light transmission. For privacy purposes, you would want to select a dark film with a VLT of 30% or lower. These films are excellent for outward facing windows as they reduce heat and glare while also providing protection from UV radiation.

Reflective films serve as a one way mirror, fully reflective from the outside, and available in various levels of visibility from the inside. These films perform higher than dyed and ceramic films in terms of heat and glare rejection because they reflect significantly more solar energy away from the window.

Frosted films give the glass the appearance of having been sandblasted or acid etched. The film scatters light that passes through it, making the glass translucent but not dark. Frosted films are a great choice for office partitions, large glass doors, and many other interior applications.

Patterned films are available in many different styles such as stripes, squares, dots, sparkle and fiberglass. They are translucent like frosted films and can add visual interest to interior glass while obscuring the view.


Textured films are a broad category of films that lie flat on the glass but feature a raised design that you can feel. These films include crackled glass, stained glass, dichromatic frosts, rippled glass, and many others.

Window film can greatly improve the privacy of your work environment, and a wide array of choices guarantees there’s something that will fit your room’s design or add a new look without the cost of custom glass . For more information on window film or to request a quote, call us at 1-800-256-0695 or email

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