Frosted Film Installation For Conference Room

Frosted window film is a perfect solution for glass-separated office environments where privacy is needed and is a more economic alternative to having frosted glass installed. In this case we have a meeting/conference room that borders a reception area and is separated by large sliding glass doors with equally large sidelight windows. When someone comes through the main entrance into the reception area, the room is immediately to the left and completely visible. Activity in the reception area could be distracting to conference room occupants and anything being displayed in the room would be visible to those outside. Frosted film solves both of these problems while adding an elegant and subtly distinctive look to the glass surfaces and creating a greater sense of separation between the two environments. Frosted films are available in various colors, levels of opacity, and with etched or dusted crystal finishes; they can also be precision cut to create eye-catching designs or logos, giving the look of laser engraved glass for a fraction of the cost.

The film applied is from the LLumar iLLusions decorative film series, a collection of frosts, gradients, patterns, and textures sure to offer a solution for your decorative needs. For more information on commercial applications of decorative film feel free to give us a call at 1-800-256-0695 and visit our commercial decorative page

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