Commercial Decorative


Decorative window films offer nearly limitless possibilities and can be used to increase privacy, turn any flat glass surface into a work of art, or both. These films discourage visual intrusion, reduce glare, and improve appearance without sacrificing natural light. Frosted films can be used to make a glass enclosure feel more private and bold designs can give life to any room. Decorative film is just as easily applied and removed as other window films, making them a perfect non-permanent design solution for leased spaces.

  • Frosted films – Frosted films provide concealment by making the glass surface opaque and resist fingerprints unlike traditional etched glass. They can be used to ensure privacy for glass office partitions or in place of any etched glass application
  • Patterns – Patterned films have an acid-etch white appearance and come in a wide array of styles with different levels of transparency. These patterns can be dots, squares, stripes and imitations of rice paper and fiberglass.
  • Textures – Textured films such as satin crystal, cracked glass, and brushed crystal add visual interest by imitating the look and feel of designer glass and add elegance to a building without the expense.
  • Specialties– Specialty films can be used to combine color with patterns for a variety of possible design solutions to beautify any glass surface. These films are available in matte black, white, yellow, red, blue, and green and can be used as base pieces for custom cut designs.

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